Andy Dick 11 MUG SHOT The Smoking Gun

The Most Wanted Public Nuisance of the Year, an American serial killer, and comedian, who was the FBI's most wanted list since 1984 when he was caught smuggling teenage bunny girls into his car. There his reign of sadistic terror began as he lured 19-year old martian girls into his house.

Early LifeEdit

Andrew Roane "Andy" Dick was born on December 21, 1965 in Metropolis, Somewhereland. He was caught urinating on actresses, groping girls, and doing unspeakable crimes. His mental health declined as he used huff. Then after dropping out of college he became a wannabe comedian and was successful until he groped the wrong girl of a local pimp. He was almost beaten senseless until he stabbed the pimp with a knife.

His New CallingEdit

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