The fifty states of America.

This debate has gone on since 1949 and 1959. The fifty-first state will be Iraq, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Guam, and George W. Bush's ranch.

The Iraq Question Edit

Who should own Iraq? Well here is a simple answer, No one! Yes you heard it, nobody wants Iraq. In the Bush Administration the United States of America wanted Iraq for its oil rather than its freedom. Is oil is the most important thing than human lives? Well according to the United States Congress its a "yes" and to the moral American a "no" This is an on-going debate that is still in the works.

The State of Afghanistan Edit

Well this is a hard question like the border states during the American Civil War. The Land Mine State will never be part of the United States. There are also good reasons for opposing this provisional state to exist. One reason is high taxes and another more paranoia.